M4WAntenna Foundation Nepal launched ‘WO/MEN Only’ project in October 2016 under the funding of Free Press Unlimited, the Netherlands. The project has three components: YouTube video production, media monitoring and capacity building of journalists. The overriding theme of this project is gender equality.
Under the video production, AFN has produced 30 different YouTube videos of maximum five minutes' length. The objective of these videos is to break gender stereotypes and promote gender equality in the society.
As part of the project, AFN has also been carrying media monitoring of five different Kathmandu-based online media outlets. Its objective is to study the media portrayal of women and women's engagement in news production.
Likewise, under this project, AFN awarded reporting fellowship to 15 journalists who were selected based on their individual story ideas. Gender, ethnic and geographical inclusiveness was also considered during the selection process. During the fellowship, each of the journalists were assigned an in-depth report on their story topic which would be published in major newspapers. The journalists were mentored by two experts, one male and another female.

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