'Mai Sari Sunakhari' - Girl says 'NO' to child marriage!

  2017-12-15     By Manoj Neupane - 20, Budhiganga, Morang

Not long ago, I was going to a local market.  I happened to meet a sister (young girl from the locality) in the tempo. She told me that she was 16 and was studying in Grade XI.  She shared that her family had been pressing her to get married. Inspired by the drama, 'Mai Sari Sunakhari' she said she resisted to her family pressure. She also said she wanted to continue her studies. She added that she was able to say no to early marriage due to the drama. 

For my part, I have learned so many things about issues such as nutrition, child marriage and family planning, after listening to the drama. I have three sisters-- two elder sisters have already got married and one younger sister is studying in Grade X. My younger sister is also a regular listener of the drama. I have told her that marrying early is a bad idea. I have also told her that we would support her in her further education no matter what.

I am studying Sanskrit in Banaras, India. I have come home for Dashain, Tihar festivals. While in India, I often listen to Mai Sari Sunakhari radio drama.  Even after I return to India, I will continue listening to Mai Sari Sunkhari.

Manoj Neupane - 20, Budhiganga Rural Municipality 1, Morang

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