Bikash Ko Bato is useful radio program

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I find this Bikash Ko Bato radio program to be very nice. The program is easy to understand as it is in local languages and dialects of respective mid-western and far-western districts. The issues taken up in each episode of the program are highly relevant.
Here in our region, certain development works have been carried out in recent years. But still, some of our roads are not in good condition. Mainly the roads get damaged during rainy season and are left unrepaired for a long time. We usually don't get to know what efforts the government is making to address such a problem.
Now the country is going through (provincial and parliamentary) elections. With this, the locals' expectations for development have increased. We are yet to see whether there would be steps taken towards meeting our expectations.
Bikash Ko Bato radio program has covered issues like these and we are happy to have this kind of radio program in our region. Many thanks to Antenna Foundation Nepal for producing such a nice program.

Keshav Bhandari

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