Radio for Integrated Sustainability after Emergency (RISE) – Phase II

Antenna Foundation Nepal (AFN) together with Open Society Foundations (OSF) implemented the 'Radio for Integrated Sustainability after Emergency (RISE)' initiative from January 2016 to March 2018. The main goal of RISE was to build the capacity of radio stations affected by the devastating 2015 earthquake, in four areas namely, program production, technical capacity, institutional development and fundraising, so that the radio stations could sustain by themselves.

Under the initiative, AFN worked with a total of 10 FM stations from seven districts of Nepal that were worst-hit by the earthquake. The capacity of the radios was built through a decentralized approach, with project activities being both onsite and offsite trainings followed by mentoring for quality local program production, organizational and managerial competence and marketing efficacy.

The first phase of RISE was successfully completed in March 2018. Despite the success and some remarkable changes brought about by the project, it was realized that there still existed some challenges, to overcome which the radios needed further support. The major challenges included a shortage of local human resources and further capacity building needs in the areas of program production, use of technical equipment and technology and formulation of organizational polices.

At this backdrop, AFN under the funding support of OSF launched RISE Phase II in May 2018 with the aim of building the capacity of four of the seven radios, which were in need of further external support, specifically in two areas; local program production and formulation of organizational policies for institutional development. The four radios covered under this phase are Radio Langtang, Rasuwa; Radio Melamchi, Sindhupalchwok; Hajurko Radio, Ramechhap; and Radio Sahayatri, Okhaldhunga.

During this project period that ends in December 2018, AFN is supporting the four radios to produce a total of 80 episodes of a local program named Bipadma Sangsangai, 20 episodes by four radios each, covering a range of local issues related to post-quake recovery, reconstruction and rehabilitation, accountability and functions and programs of local government. The program is aired from the respective radios on a weekly basis. Likewise, AFN is providing support to the radios in formulating necessary plans, policies and guidelines for effective and efficient functioning of the radio stations.


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