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Antenna Foundation Nepal (AFN) has extensive experience addressing various issues close to the interests of its partners. Its team can work with preexisting information or help generate material at depth. Some of the issues it has worked with previously are focused on herein.

Good Governance, Democracy and Transitional Justice: For the good civilian culture as well as to foster the effective transistional justice, the establishment of the good governance and democracy plays a vital role –for which different programs are conducted throughout the country.

  • Sambidhan Sabhako Bahas : Sambidhan Shabha ko Bahas was a weekly radio discussion programme that addresses issues associated with the anticipated constituent assembly.
  • Bidhi Ko Sasan (Rule of Law): Bidhi ko Sashan is a program that is aimed towards generating thematic understanding and discussion among the public on a range of key issues in the field of security sector reform while establishing linkages between the policymaking process and the views of the public expressed in these discussions.
  • Radio Doko on ‘Media Advocacy for Truth and Reconciliation and Disappearance Commission’: Doko Radio played an important role in documenting and preserving local culture. Few of the songs recorded were considered to be on the verge of disappearing altogether.
  • Nepal Chautari  is a radio-media-bridge between responsible community figures determining the future of Nepal and the common Nepali citizens.
  • Loktantra Mantra (Democracy the Mantra): Magazine to aware general public on electoral processes and issues, democratic rights and obligations.

Our Core Values

Teamwork: Working together to produce result oriented and innovative radio programs to meet the need of our clients. 

Ownership: Taking ownership of our client’s objective and being accountable for friendly, proactive and professional service.

Excellence and Innovation: Commitment to excellence and innovation by undertaking rigorous research and evidence backed projects tailored to target beneficiaries even in hard to reach locations of the country. Ensuring issues are dealt with in acceptable and contextualized manner.

Sustainability: Emphasis on local participation and capturing voices of locals and providing a channel for bottom-up and top-down communication with the concerned policymakers/authorities and line agencies contributes to the sustainability of projects.

Gender Equity and Social Inclusion: The issues of marginalized, women, disabled, ethnicity are at the core of AFN activities, as they are most vulnerable to rights abuse and subject to low participation at all levels of development and democracy.

Peace Building and Conflict Transformation: In the sensitive field of Peace Building and Conflict Transformation, AFN’s key areas of involvement  includes different programs. The 10 years old armed conflict between the Maoists and Government has widely disrupted Nepal’s environment. To overcome the consequences of the war, different peace building and conflict transformation actions which are presented in different forms of dramas, TV series etc. are produced and transmitted through the media.

  • Sodhikhoji :  Locally packaged magazine produced in partnership with local FM stations linking local conflict issues with policy provision and generating local dialogue and solutions.
  • Chinnophano: Centrally package magazine on conflict resolution and peace building – national, local, community and household level.
  • Naya Bato Naya Paila (New Path New Footprints):  It is a youth-oriented soap opera that aims to address the root causes of conflict and equip the listeners with the necessary tools to manage the impact of conflict on their lives.
  • Maha Chautari: Magazine tackled  local level conflicts and promote local level mediations.
  • Sunau Bolau (Lets Listen, Let’s Talk): Magazine produced and hosted by children to encourage discussion of their issues among themselves and family members.
  • Mero Jindagi Mero Biswas(This I believe): It is a multi-media campaign to engage people in speaking, writing, sharing and discussing the core values and beliefs that guide their daily lives.

Gender Equity and Women's Rights/Early Childhood Development and Child Rights: Gender equality and equity, women's issues and rights, development of the child and their rights are areas that AFN has worked with extensively as it is a demand of its audience as well as partners that these topics be particularly addressed to assure that Nepal is heading in the right direction.

  • Kheldai Sikdai: Magazine addressing the early childhood development issues.
  • Maile Je Bhoge (What I went through): This magazine is based on the real life events of the people.
  • SangSangai: Magazine covering issues of gender equity and women’s human rights.

Community Health and HIV/AIDS: A developing nation that has far reaching problems related to community health and faces potential disaster in dealing with HIV/AIDS, AFN prioritizes the spread of information in the most remote places of the nation regarding this issue.  

  • Karmayogika Katha: Reality based docu-drama and radio magazine promoting rural health workers and services.
  • Pahal: Discussion show on HIV and AIDS.

Entrepreneurship and Tourism, Youth and Democracy & Employment: Income generation, the rise in incomes and improving economy are the roots that lead to development. AFN has worked with these issues year in year out.

  • Business Yaatra: Magazine linking business and financial issues to the daily lives as well as promoting small and medium entrepreneurship.
  • Postcard from America: Magazine exploring democratic practices through the voices of Nepalese (living in the United States).
  • Pharkera Herda America: The program intends to draw on the experiences, adversities, and achievements of Nepalis who lived, worked, and studied in the United States.
  • Rojgari ko lagi seep: Magazine that discussed issues related to Employment Fund and its objectives, technical training institutions, success stories of training and opportunities after training.