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Over twelve years Antenna Foundation has established itself as one of Nepal’s premier communication and production houses. Our outputs are trusted by national and international corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, development institutions, and the Nepali people.

Constantly challenging itself and seeking innovative ways of providing comprehensive media interventions, outreach support services, distinct radio and television programs, Antenna Foundation helps raise public awareness, promotes behavior change, and supports media advocacy.

The first ever live radio talk show in Nepal is AFN’s "Nepal Chautari". "Naya Bato Naya Paila" was the longest running radio soap opera in the country. "Maha Chautari" by popular comedians Madan Krishna Shrestha and Haribansa Acharya promoted grassroots mediation. "Doko Radio" received the Manthan Award in 2009.

Antenna Foundation offers “one-stop servicing” for print, radio and television solutions. We help clients conceptualize; train; put in place pre-production information-peoples-structures; assure smooth and qualitative production; and assure best delivery and outreach.

A team of 50 professionals and a network that spreads across the most remote corners of the country assure that we are capable of providing media programs and services that conform to the specific objectives of its clients while trying to attain its vision of creating a pluralistic, harmonious and vibrant society.

Our Core Values

Teamwork: Working together to produce result oriented and innovative radio programs to meet the need of our clients.

Ownership: Taking ownership of our client's objective and being accountable for friendly, proactive and professional service.

Excellence and Innovation: Commitment to excellence and innovation by undertaking rigorous research and evidence backed projects tailored to target beneficiaries even in hard to reach locations of the country. Ensuring issues are dealt with in acceptable and contextualized manner.

Sustainability: Emphasis on local participation and capturing voices of locals and providing a channel for bottom-up and top-down communication with the concerned policymakers/authorities and line agencies contributes to the sustainability of projects.

Gender Equity and Social Inclusion: The issues of marginalized, women, disabled, ethnicity are at the core of AFN activities, as they are most vulnerable to rights abuse and subject to low participation at all levels of development and democracy.


Our years of experience, coupled with the insider knowledge of Board and staff, make Antenna Foundation the finest choice to help realize the full potential, power and influence of media. The earnest sincere team has a combination of seasoned and award-winning professionals along with fresh, innovative and talented hard working team to achieve its goal. AFN’s talent pool also includes consultants with experience in managing digital brand communication. With the tools for deep meaningful engagement with communities, AFN promotes participatory approaches to brand development and communication and on outreach campaigns. This team mainly includes:

  1. Creative and innovative journalists, researchers, drama producers and scriptwriters
  2. An integrated production team
  3. Administrative staff holding developmental perspectives
  4. Experienced media consultants from various field